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Lana Del Rey announces debut Dublin show for 2013


Lana Del Rey announces debut Dublin show for 2013
Sun, May 26, 2013
19:30 h
Vicar Street - Dublin
Lana Del Rey
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LDR Web 2013Lana Del Rey

& Special Guest Kassidy

Vicar Street,

26th & 27th May 2013.


Lana Del Rey announced her first ever headline shows for Ireland playing Vicar St Dublin on 26 & 27 May 2013, Both Vicar Street shows are now fully Sold-Out.

Sometimes stars emerge. Sometimes stars are thrust upon us. And sometimes stars simply slip into the atmosphere as if propelled by something otherworldly. It is into this last category that the astonishing presence, voice, look and feel of Lana Del Rey falls. Musical stardom is not an option with Ms Del Rey. It is her vocation. She calls herself the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and defines her genre as "Hollywood pop/ sadcore", a dramatic new loop for pop music. Her look she describes as"Lolita got lost in the 'hood". Get used to it all. This isn't just soundbite, it's Lana's reality.

After scrapes in and out of the music industry, holding onto the fastidious dreams of the possibilities for Lana Del Rey, a breathtaking musical landscape began to emerge. Brittle, emotional, cascading with cinematic reference points, her songwriting started to turn technicolour. The tainted glamour of 'Video Games', with its lyrical leanings towards the verbal loquacity of hip hop and its noir-ish melodic feeling for torch singing, was a beginning for her.

"I had found a sound that thrilled and intrigued me. Shockingly enough, 'Video Games' was a key moment for me. I was chasing hits, fast songs. I would be wondering 'how am I going to pole-dance in the spotlight to this, then?' I put up 'Video Games' for myself. It was slow, it was a ballad, it kind of had no chorus. I put it up on Youtube and it worked. Every day there were thousands more views. I just sat there wondering where these people were coming from. I had no idea how they'd heard it but people came and started talking to me because of that song. It was not what I expected. But what a relief. If I could have a shot at singing my Hollywood glam ballads as well as my more upbeat gangsta brother versions of those songs, that would be great. Just not having to try and sing like other people."

Lana faced the fear while clocking up strong experiences to back up her magical musical storytelling.  All of these intimacies coalesced on the debut album Born To Die released early 2012. Complementing the lush orchestration of 'Video Games', there is a mountain of music that she has crafted lovingly in the studio. From the haunting timbres of 'Born To Die' to the hip hop influenced 'National Anthem', Lana Del Rey's music sounds unique like it has arrived bespoke to the artist.

Lana has received 3 nominations at this year’s MTV EMA Awards – Best Alternative, Best New and Best Push.  Voting is now live at www.mtvema.com and runs until 9 November with the winners being announced during the Show on 11 November 2012.

BORN TO DIE – The Paradise Edition is released on 09 November  with 8 brand new songs including ‘Blue Velvet’ and the new single ‘Ride’.



Show Times:

8.00pm- Kassidy \\ 9.00pm -Lana Del Rey