Smokie live at Vicar St

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Vicar St 

17th February 2019 

Smokie's first hit was "If You Think You Know How To Love Me."

Smokie have sold over 30 million CDs, records and albums.

Smokie had 13 top twenty hits during the 1970s.

"Living Next Door To Alice" has sold over 10 million worldwide.

The Smokie sound is so distinctive that it has set the band apart from the rest, allowing them to remain at the top for over three decades and to still continue making new music. It's original, it's timeless and it's made Smokie one of the worldwide best selling bands, with a career few could better.

After almost 30 years one might fear that Smokie is burned out. That the group would want to rest on their laurels - and just play the old hits over and over again, but " Smokie is in great shape! And the band is confirming their reputation of being perhaps the hardest working band in the business with 260 days on tour last year together with 178 flights from country to country with their tireless manager John Wagstaff

Actually it is more and more fun to play when you get older. For the simple reason that you get better over the years", says keyboard player Martin Bullard. "It is a passion", says veteran Terry Uttley. "When I was a child I thought that if only I was a pop star I could sleep late every day. As if! We get up early almost every morning and I hate early flights more than anything else. Some days are hard but everything is easier when you love what you're doing". Drummer Steve Pinnell says it in plain English on behalf of everyone in the band that seems to become even more popular as time goes by: "I love this life! I can't imagine doing anything else.