Joanne McNally - Gleebag

Main Artist:


Vicar St,

Friday 26th April 2019 (SOLD-OUT)

Joanne McNally performs her debut solo headline show at Dublin’s comedy hotspot, Vicar St on Friday 26th April 2019.

Ireland's comedy sweetheart (self-titled) will perform her first ever Vicar Street headline gig. She has supported other comedians in Vicar Street before because she's generous with her time and they needed her, but this will be the first time she can clean out the fridge in the green room without the staff asking her questions about where she's taking it all and that's exciting!  

Joanne is feeling powerful and she hopes Vogue Williams & Amy Huberman are sh*tting themselves because she's coming for their emerald crowns and if she can't take them fairly, she will joust them right off their immaculately groomed heads.