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Men I Trust

Main Artist:

Men I Trust 

Vicar Street, Dublin 

26th July 2023 

27th July 2023 

Singular Artists proudly presents Men I Trust biggest Irish show to date live at Vicar Street, 26th July ‘23.  Tickets are available from this Friday, 3rd February at 10am. 

Founded in 2014, Men I Trust, is an indie band from Montreal, Canada composed of Jessy, Dragos and Emma. With smooth, chin-bouncing rhythms & bass lines, warm guitars and alluringly subdued vocals, longevity – in all its forms – is an underlying theme in their craft.

The band originally had an album due out in February of this year but has since been in a constant state of delay after delay. As Emma said in a podcast interview with Culture Creature, touring can be a very stressful environment and it can be very difficult to create art when your headspace is full of other priorities. 

They initially announced that once touring had stopped they would work to put the finishing touches on the record and give it to the fans. Thankfully, on the 24th of July, they announced their long-awaited 24-track album and debut with Emma as the lead; ‘Oncle Jazz’, will be released in September. 

What many fans are hoping for are songs just like the singles, diverse yet poignant and connected. They all have a certain quality that in this genre is only being achieved by this band right now. 


Men I Trust are leading the dream pop revolution and while we haven’t heard the album yet we are sure that if it’s anywhere near as good as their singles we are gearing up for one of the best projects of the year.


July 26th, 2023
Doors: 06:30 pm
July 27th, 2023
Doors: 06:30 pm