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Stephanie Rainey

Main Artist:


Stephanie Rainey

14th November 2024

Vicar Street, Dublin

Tickets on sale now!


Ahead of her highly anticipated appearance on this week’s America’s Got Talent on June 25 Cork’s Stephanie Rainey is pleased to announce two headline shows in Vicar Street on November 14, 2024 and Cork City Hall on December 18, 2024.

To mark her pivotal American television debut on the eve of the tenth anniversary of Stephanie’s iconic career launching single ‘Please Don’t Go’ the Cork songwriter revisited the song from a new perspective and released ‘Steph’s Version’ this June 2024. In 2015, Stephanie emerged onto the music scene with 'Please Don't Go,' a song born from the depths of her soul, dedicated to her one-year-old nephew, Fionn, who tragically lost his life to meningitis. At a time before ‘going viral’ was even coined, the single reached 5 Million people worldwide on YouTube and Facebook when it was first released. Almost 10 years since its first release ‘Please Don’t Go’ has found new audiences with over 8 million Spotify plays and a staggering 40 million combined views on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram since September 2023.

The recent resurgence of 'Please Don't Go' catapulted Stephanie to the top of the Singer-Songwriter Chart in Canada, claiming the number 1 spot, and reaching number 2 in the United States. Her heartfelt music also charted on the main iTunes Charts in Ireland, Australia (reaching number 16 on the Main Chart), and the UK (reaching number 31). The outpouring of support online underscores the song's profound impact, with countless messages attesting to its ability to guide individuals through grief and healing. The accompanying music video, a poignant tapestry of personal tributes, amplifies the song's universal message of love and loss.

As a result of this recent resurgence Stephanie travelled from Ireland to bring this heart stopping anthem to the America's Got Talent stage. This audition will air to an audience of 10 million viewers in America alone this June 25. Her new found TikTok fanbase, with over 27 million views, confirms her anthemic songwriting continues to inspire and resonate with audiences around the world, proving that music can be a force for healing and unity.

Often compared to the likes of Adele, Dermot Kennedy and Ed Sheeran, Stephanie Rainey possesses a unique voice that is both authentic and honest. Since her breakthrough, Stephanie has amassed over 70 million streams across all her social media platforms and has become one of Ireland's most played female artists on radio. Stephanie Rainey's success in 2021 and 2022, with hit singles like 'Ross & Rachel,' 'No Cowboy,' '13,' and ‘Remember Who Your Friends Are’ also showcased her appeal to a new generation of fans. ‘Remember Who Your Friends Are’ climbed to No.2 in the Irish Breakers Radio Chart and the top 20 Irish Homegrown Chart. These singles were playlisted across national radio stations such as 2FM, RTE Radio 1, iRadio, Beat 102-103, Cork's 96FM, Today FM, and Northern Ireland's Cool FM. Stephanie also made her Irish TV debut on Ireland's prestigious Late Late Show and The Heart of A Saturday Night.

Watch her audition next Tuesday, June 25 to see how the judges and audience react to Stephanie’s performance of this already groundbreaking song. You can watch it on Peacock TV, YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram.


November 14th, 2024
Doors: 07:00 pm
Bars open from 6.30pm