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Vicar St, 

7 April 2017

KEVIN BLOODY WILSON decided to retire in 2012 after bringing his unique brand of Aussie humour to Ireland and the world for more than 25 years .

Now, a mere 4 years later, Kev realized he had a major pain in his arse sitting at home and decided that the time was right to hit the road once more!

KEV’S Second of the Final Farewell Tours, will showcase the best of the LITTLE BLOKE’S 20+ albums, and give the fans just what they’ve come to expect (and love) from their favourite Australian export; an irreverent, bawdy, politically incorrect night, of KEV at his hilarious best.

With more than 4 million albums sold, see why KEVIN BLOODY WILSON continues to be one of the hottest tickets in comedy all over the globe. Don’t miss your chance to see KEV in full flight

(KEV will be bringing his ‘retirement fund’ along for this final tour, Australia’s funniest sheila, JENNY TALIA from Australia!)