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International Anime Music Festival

International Anime Music Festival

20 April 2023 | Dublin, IE | Vicar St

World’s Leading Anime Pop Stars Together On Stage for the First Time in an Immersive Live Concert Experience Starring Virtual Music Idols Kizuna AI Original Singeroid “#kzn,” vocal duo HIMEHINA, GUMI, vocal trio MaRiNaSu, and pop twins LiLYPSE. The monthlong European tour kicks off on 20th April 2023 at Dublin’s Vicar St

The inaugural International Anime Music Festival announces its debut tour, bringing virtual music superstars to 19 venues across Europe starting 20 April 2023. This marks the first time the popular VTubers (virtually generated animated YouTubers) and Vocaloids (virtual singers with computer generated voices) appear on stage together.

Starring Kizuna AI Original Singeroid “#kzn”, vocal duo HIMEHINA, vocal trio MaRiNaSu, the European debut of fan favorite GUMI, and pop twins LiLYPSE, the show will be in LIVE, DJled multimedia concert rave. Featuring brand new songs and neverbeforeseen content, the tour brings these characters to life on stateoftheart LED and highdefinition digital projections. These characters are among the fanfavorites of the international animemusic movement. Originating in Japan, these superstar avatars have exploded globally over the past two years, drawing tens of millions of followers worldwide, generating over 62 million Google searches, and more than 1.2
billion views (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and others). 

I feel honored and privileged to be working with the talented IP holders and character creators of
the five acts appearing on our International Anime Music Festival,” says producer Bob Ringe.
The response from the Anime community and Anime creators worldwide has exceeded my
expectations. See you all at the festival!
I am excited to work with this extraordinary visually exciting Art Form,” says producer Marty
Tudor. The energy that this group of Virtual Artists has is amazing and incites the best of our
superb creative team. This show will be a blast!

About Kizuna AI Original Singeroid “#kzn”

Kizuna AI Original Singeroid “#kzn” is an AI with a singing voice developed directly from the voice
of Kizuna AI, herself. #kzn(kizuna) chan is carrying on Kizuna AI’s dream of connecting with
everyone throughout the world.

An innovative concept of the audience also being able to become the creator has been made
possible by the Kizuna AI Original Singeroid “#kzn” /CeVIO AI, which has been released in 2022.
This has enabled fans who want to become creators to do not only that, but also to become lyricist
and composers with #kzn(kizuna) chan’s voice. The #kzn(kizuna) chan song contest, called “#kzn
Song Contest 2022,” is to be held by 10/31 and has generated a great deal of excitement among
her fans.

Kizuna AI is one of the world’s most popular VTubers and the pioneer who is credited with coining
the phrase, “Virtual YouTuber (VTuber)”. Subscribers have shown much excitement about her
mission, as there are now over 4.5 million of them and growing.
While Kizuna AI went into indefinite hiatus to achieve additional growth for further connection with
everyone throughout the world in the future, #kzn(kizuna) chan has made it her mission to become
a hub of connection between creators, creators with fans, and creators with technological know
how to carry on this dream of Kizuna AI.

In early 2023, “Kizuna AITouch the Beat!” Sony Play Station4/Play Station 5 is scheduled to be

The International Anime Music Festival (IAMF) will be #kzn(kizuna) chan’s first worldwide tour
and fans have been showing much excitement as word of this tour spreads throughout the world.


The virtual duo HIMEHINA is made up of two artists who are complete opposites yet have perfect
chemistrycapturing the hearts of every audience. The duo features Hime Tanaka, who has a
phenomenal energy and “lets it all out” with charged emotions and a highpitched singing voice,
and Hina Suzuki, a sweet little girl with a beautiful, gentle voice that melts the hearts of audiences
and charms them with her ‘spacey’ personality. The girls of HIMEHINA not only dance the night
away on stage, but also use their beautiful harmonies for live video game broadcasts on YouTube
and other media. They are the firstever VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) duet to simultaneously take
first and second place on the popular music download app “HighReso” in Asia. Their debut album
“Divine Flowers,” released in April 2020, reached #3 on Oricon (the Japanese music hit chart).
They consistently sell out live performances, even Tokyo’s “Aitai bokura” in 2022 which sold out
within a single minute. HIMEHINA creates a strong connection with its fans through emotionally
expressive vocals and the beautiful lyrics that reflect their own unique worldview.

About GUMI

GUMI, one of the most loved vocaloids among Western anime music fans, takes her name from
the nickname of a Japanese voice actress, Megumi Nakajima. First appearing in 2009, GUMI has
released 10 albums and has gained hundreds of millions of views, touching the hearts of millions
of fans worldwide. Yet, until the coming 2023 tour, she has never officially performed live outside
of Asia. This vocaloid sensation has achieved success not only as a character but also as a voice
source with massive usercreated content floating around on social media. One of her most
famous songs by an individual creator, “Echo,” has over seventyseven million views. And that’s
only one hit among many others. GUMI’s newest speaking software, “A.I. Voice,” is creating a
buzz among her fans for enabling them to create songs as well as speech with her voice.

About MaRiNaSu

An absolute gem of a dance and vocal unit, produced by Avex of Japan, MaRiNaSu is the virtual
girl group sure to electrify fans as they make their international debut in 2023. Although their
personalities are completely different from one another, they are three little balls of energy who
gel together as a perfect match when performing on stage. Their miraculously instantaneous
costume transformations in the middle of their performances, combined with their electrifying
sound, are sure to produce some of the happiest and most exciting moments of entertainment in
the lives of those spectators lucky enough to experience this international debut.


Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this mysterious duo of virtual pop singers made up of twin
sisters. These girls are talented performers and sure to charm their way into the hearts and minds
of soontobe awed fans with their beautiful songs and synchronized dancing. Their names are
Mikado and Oboro Akatsuki. Mikado is loosely translated as “sun” and Oboro, meaning “hazy,” is
a reference to the moon.

Mikado and Oboro are literally living in a dream they can’t wake up from and have little recollection
of their lives before they last went to sleep, except that they had previously performed together at
several concerts. Their creativity comes out while they dance, and that is how they came up with
the name “LiLYPSE.”

The more they perform, the further they travel through this dream. They know that being part of
their fans’ lives will eventually enable them to wake from their dream and become part of the
natural world again. So, they perform with incredible vigor, shining like the sun and glowing like
the moon.

If you don’t believe that the sun and the moon intersect, you will when you see LiLYPSE perform.
They are absolutely overjoyed about their first world tour as part of the International Anime Music
Festival (IAMF) to commence in early 2023. Their story is mind blowing, and you’re going to love


Bob Ringe, CoFounder and CEO of Anime Entertainment LLC, is a true entertainment industry
veteran with decades of creative, agency and management experience. He served as a co
founder and CEO of BASE Hologram Distribution, where he oversaw the management of
worldwide touring, merchandising, sponsorships, and branding for all BASE Hologram
productions, including Whitney Houston, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Maria Callas.

Bob founded Survival Management Inc., representing artists such as The Stone Roses, The
Knack, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Lita Ford, Mountain, Zakk Wylde, Alan Parsons, Leslie West
among others. Bob also represented top record producers and engineers, including Roy Thomas
Baker, Tom Werman, Eddie Offered, and Lee DeCarlo, the producers of artists such as Guns N’
Roses, Queen, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, and John Lennon. Bob headed the European
music division for the William Morris Agency, representing artists such as Barry White, Diana
Ross, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel and many others.

Bob served as cohead of A&R at RCA Records, signing David Bowie, Lou Reed, the Kinks, Pure
Prairie League and producer of their hit single “Amie.”

Marty Tudor, CoFounder and President of Anime Entertainment LLC, brings an illustrious career
as an entertainment industry trailblazer to his most recent position as Founder and Chief
Executive Officer and Executive Producer of BASE Hologram Productions. Marty led the
executive team in all aspects of creating and producing the company’s breakthrough holographic
productions. Before heading up BASE Holograms, Marty, who made his bones on Broadway
founded and continues to run Tudor Management Group, a multifaceted entertainment company.
There he has managed the careers of toplevel actors, writers, directors, and executives, and
collaborated in film and television development and production with 20th Century Fox, MGM/UA,
Columbia/TriStar, Paramount, Universal, HBO, Showtime, Lifetime, and others.

Recognizing the rapidly shifting boundaries between entertainment, business and technology,
Marty expanded his business into new categories, helping clients such as Acclaim Comics,
American Girl, Gymboree, Sony Digital, and many others forge new frontiers in entertainment. He
was involved in the sale of Maverick Records to Warner Bros. and Madonna, served on the boards
of Net TV, Prompt Technologies, and AlFresh Foods, and provided consulting to E*Trade. Marty
served as CEO of Compendia Media Group, the country’s largest independent music and video
label. He produced a series of multiplatinumselling exercise videos featuring The Biggest Loser
celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. He has also led a number of companies through
acquisitions, restructuring, and debt settlements.


ROB ROTH was nominated for a Tony Award as Best Director for his Broadway debut, “Disney’s
Beauty and the Beast,” which premiered in 1994 and became one of the top ten longest running
shows in Broadway history. He went on to direct the show all over the world, where it has won
many awards, including the Olivier Award for Best Musical in London. He later directed the world
premiere of “Elaborate Lives: The Legend of Aida,” collaborating with Sir Elton John and Sir Tim
Rice. Rob also directed the Broadway musical, “Lestat,” based on Anne Rice’s “Vampire
Chronicles,” with a score by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin. He frequently directs rock concerts
and has worked with such artists as KISS, Alice Cooper, Dresden Dolls, Cyndi Lauper, and guitar
legend Steve Miller. His concert productions have played at the most prestigious venues around
the world, including Madison Square Garden, Radio City Musical Hall, Royal Albert Hall, and the
LA Forum. His first play as an author, “WARHOLCAPOTE,” debuted at American Repertory
Theatre in Cambridge. Rob is an avid collector of rock and roll graphics, amassing one of the
world’s largest collections, which is the subject of the coffee table book, “The Art of Classic Rock.”


Website: IAMF.LIVE
Instagram: @IAMFLIVE
Facebook: @IAMFLIVE
Twitter: @IAMFLIVE


April 20th, 2023
Doors: 06:30 pm