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Dweezil Zappa: Choice Cuts!  World Tour 2018

Vicar Street

2nd August 2018

Tickets €45.00 on sale now

“A collection of the meatiest tracks!"

There’s no stopping Dweezil Zappa from continuing his mission to unlock the mysteries held within the superabundance of Frank Zappa’s iconic music. For over a decade, the renowned guitarist has been honoring his father by touring the world with his Grammy-winning project, now named Dweezil Zappa. Dweezil Zappa will perform at Vicar Street, 2nd August 2018. Tickets €45 on sale Wednesday at 9am.

Dweezil’s 12th annual tour is called “Choice Cuts!” and he has curated an all new show filled with some of Frank Zappa’s boldest compositions or as Dweezil says, “A collection of the meatiest tracks,” with which he plans to satiate the appetite of Zappa fans, old and new.

“Dweezil takes his job as Frank’s musical ambassador seriously,” writes the LA Times and because of that, he doesn’t mess around when it comes to the musicians who share the stage with him. While Dweezil has played with a small assortment of his favorite Frank Zappa alumni, he has always been more widely recognized for leading a powerhouse band of his own, filled with insanely talented “fresh” musicians. “For me, it has always been important to carry the music forward for a new generation of fans but with a new generation of musicians.”

Joining Dweezil this year are a few new faces including Adam Minkoff on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. “Adam is incredibly well suited to perform this music. His skill set and vocal abilities open up a huge range of possibilities for us.” “Cian Coey, is another secret weapon!” The rest of the ragingly talented band is filled out with core members, Ryan Brown (drums), Kurt Morgan (bass), Chris Norton (Keys) and the more than slightly amazing multi-instrumentalist Scheila Gonzalez, who has been in Dweezil’s band since its inception in 2006.

Hitting the US hard, with blistering instrumental compositions spanning as many decades as time signatures, Zappa and his band will whip up doo-wop and dada accented with funk and blues then scramble back and forth through late 60’s, on through mid-70’s fan favorites, then pulsate forward into the vortex of Frank Zappa’s classical oeuvre, for a "protein enriched program designed to create new awareness of the depth and variety of my dad’s music."

Dweezil Zappa: “Choice Cuts!"

2nd August / Vicar Street / Dublin


Dweezil Zappa & The Others of Intention:

A PledgeMusic Campaign to protect the name Dweezil’s father gave him. Dweezil is currently involved in an ongoing legal proceeding with the Zappa Family Trust, over the proposed Federal Trademark of the surname Zappa.  Incentives include a new instrumental guitar album, limited edition vinyl, limited edition art, t-shirts and more.

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