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Gioli & Assia: Resurrection World Tour

Main Artist:

POD Presents



TUESDAY NOV 12th 2024

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Gioli & Assia aren't just musicians; they're a creative phenomenon. Their journey began with a

chance encounter online, fueled by a shared passion for music and before long, their raw talent

and captivating videos were taking the internet by storm. After enthralling audiences with their

unique brand of electro-pop, they've chosen to reclaim their artistic freedom, reigniting their

independent spirit with the launch of their own label, Diesis Records.

Marking their liberation, April 2024 will see the couple make a powerful return to their label with

the release of their long-awaited EP RESURRECTION (ACT I). Flexing the full creative control

they have become renowned for, the brand-new project has once again been written, performed,

produced, sung and recorded entirely on their own. A captivating soundscape, the our track EP

sees the partners weave together their signature blend of light and shadow, classical elegance

with contemporary urgency. Powerful melodies, Assia's mesmerizing vocals, and Gioli's

virtuosity on instruments like the haunting handpan, not forgetting the sublime video

accompaniments, create an unforgettable sonic and visual experience that transcends


The revival doesn't stop with the EP. From their small Sicilian hometowns to headlining shows

and festivals across the globe, Gioli & Assia’s ability to evoke an entire spectrum of emotions –

from head-banging euphoria to tear-jerking vulnerability – has garnered them a devoted global

following. 2024 will see them take this genre-bending sound and electrifying live show on an epic

world tour spanning every continent.

A symphony of sound and style, Giolì & Assia’s now-legendary #DiesisLive video series

showcases their music in breathtaking locations around the world, as well as exemplifying the

importance of style and aesthetics as a form of storytelling. With over a hundred million streams

on YouTube alone, these legendary livestreamed sets have helped to solidify their position as

multi-faceted creative powerhouses.

With their keen eye for aesthetics extending beyond the stage, Giolì & Assia’s impeccable sense

of style and star presence has catapulted them to fashion icon status. From regularly gracing the

front rows of international Fashion Weeks to collaborating with legendary brands including Dolce

& Gabbana and Armani, they have become a dream partnership for any brand seeking a fresh

and authentic voice to connect with a global audience. Their innovative spirit, fashion prowess,

dedicated fanbase, and ever-evolving sound make them a powerful force in the music industry

and beyond. Partnering with Gioli & Assia isn't just about music; it's about aligning with a

captivating narrative of artistic freedom, boundless creativity, and a global audience ready to be



November 12th, 2024
Doors: 07:00 pm
Bars open from 18:30pm