Ninja Sex Party: International Tour 2019

Main Artist:
Line Up/ Support: Planet Booty & Twerp


With special guests


Vicar St

16th October 2019 (SOLD-OUT)

Ninja Sex Party bring their International tour to Dublin’s Vicar St for one night only this October.

At a Ninja Sex Party show, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll do battle with mythical creatures. (Please note that concert venue staff are not “mythical creatures.”) And you’ll sing along to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” unless you don’t like Tears for Fears — which is kinda weird but hey, you’re invited to the gig, too, Tears for Fears haters. Ninja Sex Party will be joined by comedic music ensembles PLANET BOOTY and TWERP.

The point is, a Ninja Sex Party show is awesome. But over the course of three original albums and two collections of cover songs, the comedy rock duo of Danny Sexbang (the one in the blue tights) and Ninja Brian (the one who looks like a ninja) never quite captured the wild, over-the-top energy of their live performances on record. Until now.

The cool thing about this album is that it’s sort of everything coming together at once,” says Danny of their sixth release, Cool Patrol, which comes out August 17th. “Not only do we have a great backing band in TWRP, but we also have a great producer in Jim Roach.” And songs about mythical creatures? And dick jokes? Yeah, those too. “It’s the same stupid jokes, with much better production value,” Brian confirms.

Featuring the singles “Eating Food in the Shower”, “Orgy for One” and Danny Don’t You Know, Cool Patrol is the album Ninja Sex Party have always wanted to make, a nonstop romp through ‘80s-inspired riffs, sing-along choruses, offbeat humor, inappropriate language and the occasional bitchin’ guitar solo. It’s way more fun than an orgy for one, though admittedly not quite as fun as eating in the shower — but then again, what is?

Cool Patrol is 15 tracks of fuck-yeah, produced by Jim Roach of Santa Monica Recordings and features guest musicians TWRP, Kenny Harris (Panic! at the Disco), Bob Reynolds (Snarky Puppy) and Rashawn Ross (Dave Matthews Band). Finally, Ninja Sex Party have a sound as epic as Danny Sexbang’s fur-lined cape and more intense than Ninja Brian’s ninja pants. From the raging metal guitars of “Release the Kraken” to the bouncy new wave of the dance-along title track to the delicate madrigals and bone-fracturing sound effects of “Courtship of the Mermaid”, it’s the most polished and sonically diverse Ninja Sex Party album to date.

October 16th, 2019
Doors: 07:00 pm