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The Olllam

Main Artist:

The Olllam

Vicar Street, Dublin

29th July 2023

Tickets on sale Tuesday at 10am

“Their music is exciting, confounding and astounding. Style, mastery, melody and groove–the olllam’s gig is going to be hard to beat.”-The Irish Times


"If Lúnasa set the gold standard for traditional acoustic music, these guys are bucking for platinum. The word ollam is old Irish for a master musician, and there are three master musicians here."-Irish Music Magazine


"They create a musical vortex which seems to summon powers from beyond the perception of mere mortals. I'm not saying The Olllam commands magical or demonic powers: but if I happened to have such powers, this is the sort of music I'd want to create" -FolkWorld


"Pushing several fronts at once, this album does not easily fit into any standard music category.Is it traditional, avant-garde, improvised, hypnotic, jazzy, or just cool-to-listen-to? One thing I do know: I want to get 'the olllam' into rotation on the CD player in my car ASAP."-Michael Erlewine, Founder All-Music Guide


"It's a groovy, mystic rock sound that is your go-to Celtic music for people who think they don't like Celtic music."-The Irish Examiner


July 29th, 2023
Doors: 06:30 pm